Friday 17 October 2014

VR and the AEC Industry

Lately I've been experimenting with Virtual Reality in the office.

We want to explore opportunities to utilise technology such as this so we can better express our design intent to our clients. I can see VR being used where we have clients who want to view their home or suite, or say doctors and nurses exploring a surgical suite. The opportunities are endless. 

So far it's early days but the testing we've done so far has proven to be very positive, aside from the occasional nausea, if the settings aren't just right and you move around too much you an start to feel car sick.

Were working with Shane from IrisVR on this as they are developing software that will easily push our Revit or Sketch-up files into VR. I had Shane come to Vancouver to present to a group of people here and people loved it! Check out this Blog Posting.

Pretty cool stuff, will post more on this as it develops.


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