Wednesday 12 March 2014

Minn-U, RTC and BIM Workshop

I've got a busy speaking schedule this year.

Minn-U I'll be presenting at Minn-U On March 21st to 22nd.

"Minnesota University is a Midwest Professional Development conference for Autodesk users seeking opportunity to learn, connect and explore the industry they influence. Explore the latest Autodesk software, network with peers and learn from industry experts."

I believe this is the first of it's like here and I think it's going to be like a mini AU.

RTC I was also recently notified that one of my proposed presentations to RTC has been accepted.
RTC will be in Chicago this year from June 29th to 21st.

This is a great venue to rub shoulders with some pretty Revit savvy people!

Latter this year (September or October) I hope to be presenting at the BIM Workshop in San Francisco.

The BIM Workshops are held throughout the US so check out their web site to fine a BIM Workshop near you. 
I presented last year and it was great!

Hope to see you at any of these events!


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