Thursday 2 January 2014

Revit Training in the Okanagan

I've been working with the Okanagan College here in Kelowna for over a year now working on getting Revit included in their course offerings and it's finally come to fruition thanks to the help of a number of people including support from the college and the people from the industry who were able to dedicate their time on the review committee. A big thank you to those involved, I wont specifically mention anyone as I'm afraid I'll miss someone!

So here it is... 
Students will participate in hands on training of the Autodesk Revit software for use in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

Revit is fast becoming the industry standard software, the intent of this course is to give the participants the basic skills and knowledge to effectively be able to operate the software and use these skills acquired in the course for gainful employment in the industries associated with construction. 

After completing this course, student’s skills shall include:
Basic understanding of Architectural Building Information Modeling using the Revit software.

Have a working knowledge of the tools and editing tools in Revit as well as the interface and workspace environment.

Have an understanding of the capabilities of the Revit software and use the tools available to create a project 3D model and utilize this model to create a typical working drawing package.

Understand how to work with other people on a team, either in the same firm or other firms, and while working with Autodesk Revit files or other CAD files.

Understand the Conceptual Design tools, including massing studies, space planning, visualization, and rendering.

Be able to create topographical surfaces and add Structural Elements and some basic MEP elements.

At this point the course is a Continuing Education course but we will be making an application to become a certified course giving the student who complete the course a College Certificate in Revit.

So if your interested in learning Revit and your located in the Okanagan please contact the college for further information.


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