Tuesday 19 November 2013

Building Performance Analysis Certification

I just completed the online Building Performance Analysis Certificate through the Building Sustainability Workshop offered by Autodesk online.

"The Autodesk Building Performance Analysis (BPA) Certificate Program is a free online, self paced education program for Students, educators and professionals that will help improve your knowledge of building science fundamentals and Autodesk building performance analysis tools."

As part of the BPS course you not only learn about  building science but also hands on exercised using the Autodesk sustainability tools such as Revit, Green Building Studio and Vasari. I even used Project Falcon to analyze the affects of the prevailing winds on a building.

The program walks you through a tutorial on a specific subject followed by a short quiz and/or a exercise using one of the above mentioned software. This is a great introduction to these tools if your not already familiar with the tools or the subject. 

If you are already knowledgeable on the subject and are using the tools go ahead and get certified and add your name to the Certified BPA database.

Items covered in the BPA are:
  • Introduction to Building Performance Analysis
  • Energy Literacy & Building Loads
  • Climate Analysis
  • Sun & Shadow Studies
  • Solar Radiation Analysis
  • Whole Building Energy Analysis
  • Wind & Airflow Analysis
  • Daylighting
So now I'm BPA Certified!

Check it out, especially if your a student or a Revit Tech wanting ti improve your skill set.


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