Wednesday 15 May 2013

Revit Poem

We had our CEI Poetry Club last night with great attendance .. 
More people did turned up than this...

Thanks Darcy and Amy for organizing a great evening of drink, food Art and Poetry...

Darcy wrote a fantastic poem that he dedicated to me!
See if you can pick up on the subtle references to a well known Autodesk product...

Slab Depression
A slab of depression
Hangs over me
The missing link
I don’t feel synchronized
Stop sending requests – please
I don’t use commands
I am not the type
Close the window and exit
I will modify my settings
You never try to see things from my viewport
You save as I relinquish
Look in the mirror
We do not align

Here are some photos of last nights artwork. 

Amy played music from her iphone and after every song we switched places and medium...
It was interesting to see how each original sketch evolved with each persons input... kind of like the collaborative design process.

Maybe I should add an Art component to my BIM User Group meetings??


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