Tuesday 20 November 2012

Revit Warning - Warning, there are no Warnings!

One of my Power Users received this warning message from Revit the other day.

It's a little fuzzy but it says:
"Document doesn't contain any warnings related to these elements"

So Revit is now warning me that there are no warnings!

Ya gotta love that! We had a good laugh at this...Until I got thinking....

Some day's I think Revit is maybe a little too smart for it's own good!
And this is the proof!

What's next?
A warning that Revit doesn't like the way the building is designed? Oh wait maybe Green Building Studio will do that!

Or maybe I'll start getting the warning "Maybe you shouldn't do that"... at which point I tell Revit to F#$% O%$ and do it yourself! Stoopid compooda!

Way too intalligint.


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