Saturday 4 August 2012


I found this web site while reading an online Cycling magazine called "".

A "Knoaky" is a small piece of OAK-Wood, that is small and simple, that you can stick or put it wherever you want to for good luck.

Andreas Klier who is a professional cyclist came up with the idea after what he describes as  "a very close to have a horrible accident but luckily nothing happened. I knocked on the side of my frame as I do sometimes on the side of my helmet. I told the whole story to my wife and also told her how nice it would be to have a piece of wood with me when I am out for a ride. A small piece of wood that I could stick wherever I want, a small piece, that I could knock on, whenever I feel I need to..."

Hence the birth of the Kanoaky... the great thing about this idea is that not only are you protected by a superstitious tradition! but the proceeds goes to supporting a foundation called Plant-for-the-Planet which It's an wonderful project, from a kid with an incredible goal.

He wants to plant 1000 Billion Trees for the World. There has been already 12,5 Billion trees planted and with every MyKnoaky you buy he plants one more tree.

One MyKnoaky = one Tree, that is what you support! what a great idea...

check out Andreas web site and if you feel inclined and want to be safe on the roads buy one!

I did..



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