Monday 7 October 2013

Pelicans - Not Revit Related

Pelicans are an interesting species of birds... Living mostly along the coast and Outback Australia as a child I've kind of grown up with them...If you've ever seen the 1976 movie Storm Boy you'll know what I mean!

I kind of have a love hate relationship with them after being "Savagely Attacked" by a Pelican when I was about 5 (or maybe 7, I cant remember). At the time the psychotic bird was just as tall as me and he (or she) tried to eat me! Leaving a scratch along my face from it's razor sharp tooth at the end of it's beak that nearly drew blood!!

Anyway... I'm over it now but I keep a safe distance from from these unpredictable descendants of dinosaurs......

The reason I bring this up is that my parents just returned from a cruise up the east coast of Australia and my mum (please note the correct spelling of the abbreviation of Mother for my North American colleagues) sent me the following photo... bringing back the horrific memory leaving me huddled in the corner of our kitchen muttering about vicious bird... just like the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds!

So how does this relate to Revit or BIM you ask!
Ummmm.... I have a cool Pelican Case I use to store my training laptops in when I'm traveling...!


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